The Orange Bridge Club extends a friendly welcome to visitors and invites you to look around its website.

Seasons of Orange

The Orange Bridge Club was formed in 1987 and currently has 166 members ranging in age from 20 to 97 years of age.

The clubhouse is a spacious and comfortable venue located at 23 Glenroi Avenue, Orange, New South Wales. The Club runs five masterpointed Sessions each week and the results are electronically posted at the end of each session.

You are never too young or too old to start learning bridge and we offer lessons for beginners and once you have finished your lessons, you can join in supervised play, our 'Tops and Bottoms' sessions & Rookie Rivalry games.

If you are visiting Orange and need a partner please use the contact tab to find an appropriate phone number.

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Club Reopening

You will be pleased to know that we are hopefully getting closer to the potential reopening of the Orange Bridge Club for competitive play. Discussion has been taking place within the committee of protocols which will need to be observed to ensure a COVID 19 safe environment when we return. Many of these protocols are listed in two excellent articles on on the ABF website under the heading returning to bridge clubs.

Yesterday I spoke with Rob Ward from the NSW Bridge Association and he informed me that the NSW Bridge Club the home of bridge in NSW is planning to reopen on 13 July. The committee of the NSW Bridge Association is working with NSW Health to develop protocols which need to be established to reopen the club. We will use these as the basis of the protocols under which we can  reopen Orange Bridge Club.

Our committee will meet on 7 July and hopefully will be in a position at that time to be able to set a date to reopen the club. We must have a COVID Safe plan or we are not covered by insurance and are subject to the prospect of a $55,000 fine.

I'm sure you like myself are looking forward to the time when we can return to our club, but it will be a little different to what we had in the past.


The Grand  National  Open Teams champioinship fot the year has been cancelled but as we held a preliminary heat earlier in the year those people who qualified for gold points will have them awarded.

Looking forward to getting back to bridge as soon as is possible

Murray Paterson


Orange Bridge Club

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