CLUB is now OPEN for all sessions EXCEPT WED EVENING

The committee of Orange Bridge Club met  and after a lengthy discussion decided to reopen the club to competitive play as from Monday 31 August 2020. The committee felt that the COVID situation in NSW had changed dramatically since their last meeting and now was the appropriate time to reopen the club.

Initially we are planning to operate on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings. If we progress successfully we will examine Wednesday morning, evening and Saturday if the COVID situation remains under control.

In arriving at this decision the committee considered the following:

  • There are no current COVID cases in the Western Health Area and this situation has existed for some time
  • There are very few active COVID cases in NSW all confined to Sydney and the risk factor of reopening the club is very low
  • The Victorian border is closed where there are a large number of cases
  • There are a number of people who rely on bridge as a social activity
  • Provided we have a COVID safety plan in place we do not have a legal problem
  • Bathurst and Dubbo Clubs have reopened and are enjoying competitive bridge

Click here to view reopening procedures

Click here for Covid-19 safety plan

Click here for MANDATORY CLUB WAIVER (this form must be signed before entry to club is granted)



The Orange Bridge Club extends a friendly welcome to visitors and invites you to look around its website.

Seasons of Orange

The Orange Bridge Club was formed in 1987 and currently has 166 members ranging in age from 20 to 97 years of age.

The clubhouse is a spacious and comfortable venue located at 23 Glenroi Avenue, Orange, New South Wales. The Club runs five masterpointed Sessions each week and the results are electronically posted at the end of each session.

You are never too young or too old to start learning bridge and we offer lessons for beginners and once you have finished your lessons, you can join in supervised play, our 'Tops and Bottoms' sessions & Rookie Rivalry games.

If you are visiting Orange and need a partner please use the contact tab to find an appropriate phone number.

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Login to Pianola for personal results history, analysis of your performance, and a partner-finder

COMMONLY USED CONVENTIONS - you may find this helpful.

If you click on the link below this will take you to a page on the ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) site that explains conventions like Stayman, Jacoby 2NT, Roman Keycard Blackwood and many others.

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