The Orange Bridge Club extends a friendly welcome to visitors and invites you to look around its website.

Seasons of Orange

The Orange Bridge Club was formed in 1987 and currently has 166 members ranging in age from 20 to 97 years of age.

The clubhouse is a spacious and comfortable venue located at 23 Glenroi Avenue, Orange, New South Wales. The Club runs five masterpointed Sessions each week and the results are electronically posted at the end of each session.

You are never too young or too old to start learning bridge and we offer lessons for beginners and once you have finished your lessons, you can join in supervised play, our 'Tops and Bottoms' sessions & Rookie Rivalry games.

If you are visiting Orange and need a partner please use the contact tab to find an appropriate phone number.

October Newsletter




                     NEWSLETTER             October 2020


Session times

Monday         1.30pm

Wednesday    9.30am & 7.00pm

                        & Supervised Play 1pm

Friday           9.30am

Saturday       1.30pm

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the above times.           

Contact us

Clubhouse: 23 Glenroi Avenue, Orange 2800

Post: PO Box 99, Orange 2800 Phone: 6362 6653

Secretary: Elaine McRae Phone: 0457 614 789

Newsletter: Anne Tonna 0458 355 206

Partnership Enquiries: Valda Halcroft 63627972

                             Helen Britton 0403 619 731

Lessons: Chris Kershaw 6362 3029


What’s On

·     Tops and Bottoms: Wednesday mornings on the last Wednesday of the month – 28 October

·     Club Teams Championship Saturday 31 October 1.30 pm Sunday 1 November 9.30 am & 1.30 pm

·     Club Pairs Championships 14/15 November both red point events




A welcome back to all those who have returned to the club following the COVID interruption to play. As the NSW Government gets the virus even further under control  players can feel confident that with the COVID Controls in place there is every precaution being taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all of our members and visitors


Changes to Current Regulations


·        Sign in Procedure


As from Wednesday 7 October it will no longer for players competing in masterpoint sessions to sign in at the door as your names are recorded on the bridgemates. You will just need to have your temperature taken and pay at the desk.


People who are visiting the club for other activities such as dealing cards or supervised play will need to sign on the sheet which will be left at the front table.





·        Visitors


The current regulations say that only members of Orange Bridge Club are welcome to play at the club. As the COVID situation has eased we are now happy to welcome all ABF and prospective members from NSW to the club. Visitors need to sign the risk waiver when they first visit the club


·        Dishwasher


Players are welcome to use the club cups for tea and coffee and put them in the rack to be used in the dishwasher. This is the cleanest way to ensure cups remain sterilised


Wednesday evening play


It is important that the club provides opportunities for those who work to play competitive bridge. We will therefore be reopening the Wednesday evening session from 7 pm on Wednesday 14 October 2020. Please come and support this session as even before the COVID interruption it was struggling for numbers


Tops and Bottoms


Will recommence  as from Wednesday 28 October 2020.


All other competitions such as Rookie Rivalry and Friday teams will not begin again until 2021.


Red Points


The club had twelve unused red point sessions created by the COVID pandemic. These have now been distributed across club sessions for the remainder of the year with 6 sessions being allocated to the club teams and pairs championships.



New Members

Welcome to new members Robin Simpson, Julie Stump, Jenny Day and associate Marianna Xerri. We hope you enjoy your time playing at our club.


Christmas Party


The committee has deferred a decision regarding whether we are able to hold a Christmas Party this year depending on the regulations which exist at the time.




The only prizes which will be awarded this year are for the club teams and pairs championships which are listed in thecalendar at the top of the newsletter.




If you   haven’t got a partner for a session you can book one through Pianola or by contacting Helen Britton or Val Halcroft.


David Reddel


David is employed by the club on Fridays as a non-playing Director. The Committee has resolved that David cannot be pre booked as a partner for Fridays but if you have tried through Pianola to find a partner or they unexpectedly do not arrive then you are able to play with David for that





2021 AGM


Will be held on Saturday 27 February 2021


My thanks to the committee for doing an excellent job during difficult circumstances throughout the COVID interruption.


Happy Bridging

Murray Paterson









Masterpoint Promotions for

July August and September 2020

Congratulations to:


Darius Drozd             Life                 July

Rhonda Jefferson      Regional         August

Mark Madely              Club                August

Hendrika Moore        National          September

Duncan Stuart            Local*             September




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Login to Pianola for personal results history, analysis of your performance, and a partner-finder


All daytime sessions are now operating as normal with the exception of Wednesday evenings. 

Wednesday evenings will recommence on Wednesday 14 October at 7pm on a trial process. Continuation will depend on the number of tables occupied.

Club Teams Championship will be held on the weekend of 31 Oct/1 Nov for three sessions on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday.

Club Pairs Championship will take place on the weekend of 14/15 November. The same format as for the teams above,

Tops and Bottoms will next be played on Wednesday 28 October.

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